A virtualized system is composed of high-performance systems that are housed on the servers of your company. This way, if one of your servers is virtualized, it reduces the risk of undergoing system failures, as opposed to physical servers, apart from reducing investment and system maintenance costs.

We install and manage virtual systems that are tailored to meet your needs.

A properly dimensioned virtual system for your business will provide it with security as well as strength and effectiveness. No longer will you have to worry about what lies beyond your business.

Some of the advantages of a virtual system:

  • High availability of critical systems
  • User transparency: the possibility of virtualizing existing critical systems without service interruptions
  • Less hardware, fewer maintenance costs
  • More reliable and agile back-up copies. Possibility of recovering a virtual server in just a few minutes, whether it is against a server or a laptop computer
  • Possibility to enhance the hardware assigned to a virtual server without shutting it down (disc, ethernet, usb)
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